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Houston Healthcare Initiative's Podcast

Nov 30, 2021

Can we rescue the expensive, cumbersome, and increasingly patient un-friendly healthcare system we have here in the U.S? Yes. To hear the details about how to do it, listen to the Houston Healthcare Initiative podcast with Dr. Steven Goldstein.

Nov 12, 2021

Enhancing Population Health Approaches After Covid - 19. On this edition of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Dr. Steven Goldstein, will discuss the reversals in preventative care the American public experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic and what we can all do to stay healthier, and possibly live longer by...

Oct 26, 2021

Final Three Biden Administration Healthcare Goals


Oct 26, 2021

Doctors' Right To Prescribe Off Label Treatments for their Patients.

Even in the year 2021 the more things change, the more they stay the same. By that I am referring to the off-label prescription options doctors have always had that are still controversial when it comes to the ongoing global Covid 19 pandemic....

Aug 9, 2021

There were a lot of unintended consequences of the Covid-19 lockdown. Sadly, at a time when Americans should have been focused on their health, as a population we did anything but. During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown the average American gained two pounds a month. Americans in general were never known for healthy...