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Houston Healthcare Initiative's Podcast

Dec 18, 2019

There are few tragedies that surpass bankruptcy, particularly one caused by medical bills. You leave the hospital, recover enough to return to work and discover the costs of your treatment are more than you can ever afford to pay. But the debt does not end at the hospital exit. The costs of health care are much more enmeshed in people’s lives than just the immediate issue of a hospital stay. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in January 2018, a single month, 4.2 million people missed work due to illness, meaning lost wages and, potentially, their jobs. The burden extends to other family members too: helping a family member both in and out of the hospital means missed hours at work, lower pay and the likelihood that patients will use credit cards to pay their bills.

The payment by individuals in the U.S. adds up to an incredible expense to everyone in society.  To help us get a better idea of what the total price is to all of us is respected neurologist Dr. Steven Goldstein.